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How Long Cold Brew Coffee Lasts

Crisp Clean Cold Brew Coffee
Crisp Clean Cold Brew Coffee

People asking how long our cold brew coffee lasts is a very common question. There is a quick and easy answer and then a slightly more complicated answer. The rough answer is:

Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate will last about 14 days in the refrigerator.
Cold Brew Coffee Ready to Drink will last about 6 days in the refrigerator.

Now on to the more complicated answer. Some things go bad, meaning you should not consume it because it may harm you or tastes terrible; think of milk that has gone sour or bread that has grown a nice coat of mold. If you leave any kind of brewed coffee at room temperature for a few days you will certainly see some mold growing and floating on the surface, that to me is bad. So, if you are keeping your brewed coffee in the refrigerator you should see a science experiment of mold. However, try to drink it within two weeks for coffee concentrates and six days for ready to drink.

It's All About Flavor

When it comes to flavor and how long cold brew will retain a great flavor the recommendation is the earlier the better. This is usually what coffee companies mean when they write “good for 14 days”. They mean that this coffee will taste best if you drink it within 14 days. I have had cold brew concentrate in my refrigerator for a couple of months, trust me, normally cold brew doesn’t last that long in my house, but I wanted to experiment. When I finally drank that batch of cold brew it was still drinkable, but the flavor had definitely deteriorated, and we don’t recommend it.

Storm Coffee Co. Recommends

As with most coffee beverages, they are best consumed shortly after production. Storm Coffee Co. follows the industry standard of two weeks for coffee concentrates and six days for the pre-mixed ready to drink. But, really, the coffee will be drunk long before two weeks or six days! Storm Concentrates are sold in smaller quantities that way you are consuming fresher coffee more often.

If you have any questions about coffee freshness please feel free to send us a message at @stormcoffee.

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